30 Day Beauty Challenge

hotter in 30 days

Want to get hotter in 30 days? Follow these tips

1. Exercise every day. Jog in the morning right before sunrise. Getting some fresh air and endorphins in the morning will boost your mood and help you feel good all day. In addition do 50 pushups and 50 situps every night.

2. Avoid tanning or sun exposure. Tanning ages your skin. Put on sun block every day before you go outside. Wear a nice hat that will cover your face and neck. Cover your arms too.

3. Eat fewer carbohydrates than the previous day. Reducing it gradually will reduce cravings. For example, if you eat 2 slices of toasts, reduce to 1.5 slices for 3 days. Then to 1 to another 3 days. Replace sugar with raw, unfiltered honey. Add fruit and yogurt to fill you up. Gradually stop eating fast food, pastries, sugar, white rice, white pasta or white bread. Try brown rice, 100% sprout or spelt bread. Eat mostly lean protein, broiled fish, salad and yogurt. Keep raw almonds with you for snacks.

4. Make a fresh smoothie at home with kale, carrots, beet roots, yogurt and any sweet fruit. Drink this every night after a small healthy dinner.

5. Take supplements every day. Take 2000 units of vitamin D, 1 multivitamin, 2 fish oil capsules, enzymes with 3 meals and 2 probiotic capsules every day.

6. Be nice and kind to everyone even when you don’t want to. You’ll need inner beauty as well to glow.

7. Wash your face every night with a mild cleanser.

8. Shape up your eye brows Let your eyebrows grow then get your eyebrows waxed or threaded. You’ll look better with natural looking, shaped eyebrows.

9. Get a water bottle. Add slices of cucumber, ginger and lemon. Drink 3 bottles or 3 liters every day. When you wake up, drink water to kick start your metabolism.

10. Whiten your teeth. Buy some white strips and whiten your teeth at home, or splurge and get them bleached professionally. Make sure not to have coffee, tea or wine to stain your white teeth.

11. Get enough sleep. Sleep is necessary to look and feel good. Then you won’t need caffeine. Cut down in caffeine too as it makes you skin look dry.

12. Work on self love. Every morning and night and every time you look at the mirror, tell yourself, “You are stunning and the best. Everyone loves you. In order to feel stunning, you need to believe that too. Force yourself to look happy and smile. Every time you feel down, say, “I’m so happy!” Instantly you will feel better. Make it a habit. Eventually you’ll feel happy and beautiful.

On day 28, get a facial from a professional

On day 29, go to the store to buy clothes and cosmetics. Get clothes that accentuate your body and you feel comfortable -not too tight, not too loose. Try makeup that will lift you. Also buy shoes and accessories.

Day 30, go to a hair stylist. Change your hair color to lift your complexion. Get a new cut.

Take a selfie after 30 days and compare your change. Post to Instagram. You’ll be amazed how clear, healthy and radiant your skin looks. You’ll feel more confident about yourself. You will have more energy too. You’ll also love yourself more and will be motivated to change your life for better.

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