Do anti aging creams work? Truth behind peptides

How Do Anti Aging Creams Work?

Skeptical of how anti aging creams work? You’re not alone!

Almost every skincare brand has their own repair cream, anti aging serum, or skin renewal system. We see phrases like these every day, but we don’t want to see words. What we want are results and hard facts that anti aging creams work. The first thing we have to understand as consumers is that cosmetics and creams are not miracle drugs. Instant results are practically nonexistent in anti aging products. However, there are ways to prevent visible aging and improve our skin’s appearance over time.

Skincare companies will develop products with compounds such as peptides due to their healing properties. There is no official scientific study proving that these compounds defy signs of aging. But studies show that they increase the number of skin cells which should, in theory, allow our skin to produce more collagen.

Our bodies produce collagen naturally and keep our skin looking firm and young. Wrinkles start to develop when our collagen levels decline. We hope that anti aging creams work for us by replacing what our bodies are lacking. This is why collagen injections are such a common way to remove wrinkles. The truth is, these are only a temporary fix!

But if there is no scientific evidence that these products permanently alter our skin, how do we know that anti aging creams work for us?

The most unique thing about SOLSCENSE™ is its active ingredient, PLE (Polypodium Leucotomos extract), which originates from a tropical fern plant. PLE prevents and reverses sun damage. It is already used in oral supplements. Fortunately for us, Dr. Jeffrey Whitten (creator of SOLSCENSE™) has found a way to translate this natural property from an orally active ingredient to a topical one. SOLSCENSE™ is the first skincare product in the world to use PLE. This unique formula also contains Oatmeal Extract and Shea Butter, proven to improve the beauty of skin.

Not many products are 100% guaranteed to improve your skin, but SOLSCENSE™ is unlike any other product. Like any other self-proclaimed anti aging success, don’t just take our word for it… try it out for yourself!

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