Why Solscense™ is the Choice for Better Skin

why solscense is the choice for better skin

Why Solscense? What is it? How does it better skin?

You may be asking yourself these questions. We’re here to clear things up! Literally…
Let’s figure out why Solscense is the right choice for better skin.

A 2015 scientific study has shown us that sun-damaged skin creates up to 80%* of all skin aging signs including wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, blotchiness and inelasticity.

When used daily, Solscense Intense Recovery Cream helps to reverse the appearance of these signs with a patented formula and Revalia™ ComPLEx. It provides the first topical application of PLE, long proven to reverse photo damage when taken orally. This small victory (or big victory, depending on how you look at it), gives us hope for the future and success of this revitalizing cream. Who knows where Solscense will take us?

In the meantime, let’s focus on where WE can take Solscense. Solscense protects even more against recent sun damage. When applied immediately after too much sun exposure, Solscense can help manage up to 60%* of the skin damage that occurs; even in the dark as the skin processes the sunburn. The result is healthy, hydrated, firmer, smoother and more youthful and radiant appearing skin.

Consider all of the time you spend in the sun. Whether you work or go to school indoors or outdoors, you still experience exposure to the sun’s rays. Any time spent outdoors, even in the cloudiest weather, is time we should spend protecting ourselves from UV rays. Solscense’s convenient packaging makes it easy to travel with, and easy to lock in place for leak and freshness protection. Our customers have seen results within anywhere from days to weeks, but are always guaranteed positive results. We know how important your long-term goals are, and we know how vital it is to share a miracle once you’ve discovered it. Try Solscense today to achieve your best self and take back your radiant skin.

*Science. 2015 Feb 20;347(6224):842-7
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