How Coffee Benefits your Skin…

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How Does Coffee Benefit your Skin?

We know it probably sounds too good to be true… but it doesn’t hurt to believe! The truth is, we wanted to know if our coffee-drinking habits are related to the state of our skin. We found some seriously pleasing factoids that we want to share with you!

Coffee’s Antioxidant Effect

Coffee is the number one source of antioxidants for Americans. While there are lots of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, our bodies are even more effective at metabolizing the antioxidants found in coffee. For those of you that prefer decaffeinated coffee, don’t you worry. Decaf coffee has the same antioxidant effect as caffeinated coffee.

Other studies have shown that caffeine can reduce swelling and inflammation. Some have even shown a connection between caffeine and reduced risk of the most common skin cancer.

Now you’re probably thinking ‘Surely, we must get more health benefits by drinking MORE coffee!’ Drinking too much caffeine will dehydrate your body, so don’t overdo it. If you need to pump your coffee full of milk and sugar to make it taste good, it could have the opposite effect on your skin. Too much sugar is bad for all parts of your body, including your skin. For some people, drinking dairy products like milk or creamer can cause breakouts. Great alternatives for milk and sugar include almond/soy/rice/coconut milk or stevia/sugar-free syrups/other sweeteners.


What We Know Now…

Coffee is great, in moderation. Drinking 1 to 2 cups of coffee a day can deliver great antioxidant benefits to your entire body. Just beware of the side effects of additives that may taste great, but are bad for your skin. Hydrate between coffee servings, and know that it’s always OK to supplement the antioxidants of coffee with fruits and vegetables that produce the same effect. Happy brewing!

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