How did Dr. Whitten come up with the idea for SOLSCENSE™?

Solscense Skin Care

So why would a successful scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, who makes drugs for cancer and inflammatory diseases, make a skin cream? The answer is quite simple, the harm that the sun does to people’s skin has reached alarming levels.  People’s appearance are aging faster than they should and their skin is becoming unhealthy from too much sun. What can be done?

The best treatment of course is to avoid the sun, but how do you do that? The next best thing is to block the sun when you are in it. But blocking the sun takes skill and frequent applications of SPF sunscreens. Mess up that sunscreen and you have immediate damage to your skin. But it doesn’t stop there.  We have all felt that painful sunburn after being in the sun, well into the dark. The damage continues even out of the sun.  Unfortunately, all these effects keep adding up throughout your life and never go away.  The effects keep adding up, your skin losses its natural glow and becomes a problem and worse, skin disease.

This is why I wanted to make a skin cream that would help. Not a sunscreen but a cream for the effects of the sun and yes, also from today’s stressful environment. I wanted it grounded in science but I wanted people to use it so it had to have a pleasant feel, nice smell and make your skin feel good immediately after use as well as for long term benefit.   It has to be a rewarding experience. With continued use I wanted that glow of your skin to return. I also want people to see the science that went into to it. Education of the user, breaking down the myths, is also important. I want you to know what you are using and why you are using it.

I hope you like SOLSCENSE™. An enormous amount of thought and research went into this product. It is unique in working before, immediately after and for the long term for the effects of the sun. There is no other product like it. Your skins health is important to you but it is to me as well, so this is why I did this.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Whitten is the Founder and Chief Science Office for SOLSCENSE™.  He is an Oxford trained Bio-Organic Medicinal Chemist and has spent 30 years working on life-saving advanced therapeutic cancer and allergy/asthma prescription drugs such as Allegra®  and Ventolin®.  He considers premature skin aging from accumulated sun exposure to be the largest disease in the world and has set his scientific talents on doing something about it. The result is SOLSCENSE™ Intensive Recovery Cream with patent-pending Revalia ComPLEx™.  

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