How to get good skin: The secret to aging well

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Good skin is dewy but not oily, radiant but not shiny, smooth and even toned. The one solid way to get good skin is cleansing your body from the inside. Even the most expensive products and procedures don’t come close to the effect of an internal cleansing.

Your skin really is a mirror of your body’s inner state, and this is why contamination of the body first affects your skin. Gray or yellow color, faded skin, acne, weight gain and weight loss, chronic fatigue – all these are signs that the body needs to be cleansed. A healthy liver is the body’s greatest purifying system. It is basically the body’s main biochemical laboratory.

It filters the blood: Over two liters of blood pass through the liver for detoxification. When properly functioning, it cleanses 99% of toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and other contaminants before the blood returns to the bloodstream.

Secrets bile (gall) fluid: Daily healthy livers produce more than one liter of bile fluid that drives filtered toxins and cholesterol to the intestine. This is where they are absorbed by the fibers and subsequently discharged from the body.

Neutralizes toxins: By various enzymatic processes, a healthy liver neutralizes toxins directly or transforms them into fat or water-soluble forms that are then discharged from the body.

Frequent use of medications, alcohol, tobacco, processed food, and contaminated water can overload the liver. Stress and polluted environments also add to the burden. If the body isn’t purifying the toxins properly, it will reflect in your skin’s appearance.

To get good skin and prevent skin other health issues, it is vital to help clear toxins from the liver carefully, efficiently and safely. This is the most effective way to get flawless skin. Try cleansing your body from the inside- it will cost you absolutely nothing.

The ingredients below will aid in detoxing your liver:


This is the one of the most important ingredients in the kitchen that proves to be effective for health. A fresh bulb of this amazing ingredient is loaded with mineral sulfur, which helps to get rid of the toxins in the body fast. It is proved to be effective in reducing triglyceride and cholesterol levels. For ages it has been used in every cuisine and is proven to treat the high blood pressure, bacterial related diseases and atherosclerosis.


Its root is proved to be helpful in detoxing the body and can be prepared in tea with some lemon juice.


These act as a wonderful liver detox due to the presence of Potassium, Vitamin C & B6. It is also full of vitamin K and A, and is advised to eat raw.


Out of all the liver detox foods, tomato is considered the most important as it does a great job in detoxifying the liver. Being famous for lycopene content, this also protect the breasts, lungs, and skin from cancer. Consume fresh tomatoes and try with a pinch of sea salt or little balsamic vinegar for an effective detox.


This is a favorite of Popeye’s. Spinach is proved to be very helpful in detoxing as it contains 166 milligrams of glutathione. It even contains energy boosting iron, so why not try a salad full of spinach dressed with a little olive oil and a pinch of sea salt.

Walnuts and Avocados

Walnuts are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, glutathione, and the amino acid arginine which support the liver cleansing function. Avocado is also a super food that allows the body to produce glutathione and thus acting as a great liver detoxing diet.

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