Men’s Skin Care Guide to Sexy, Healthy Skin

men's skin care guide

The 5 basic steps for every men’s skin care guide to achieving clear, sexy skin.

The men’s skin care guide should be simple but effective. Add these steps to your daily routine to achieve youthful and sexy skin.


A good cleanse will be sure to keep your skin looking fresh, as you rid of all those dead skin cells you no longer need. Washing with an exfoliating facial cleanser or personal care tool will stimulate the growth of new cells. Don’t exfoliate TOO much to prevent irritation.


Applying moisturizers or lotions after washing your skin will help seal in moisture. Oil-based products are best for dry or flakey skin, especially during Winter months. If you’re sensitive to most moisturizers, try an unscented, all-natural lotion that go easy on skin.


In addition to hydrating your outsides, hydrating your insides is just as important! It is recommended that everyone drink six to eight glasses of water each day for optimum hydration. Drinking coffee or alcohol will only counteract the effects of H2O, so be sure to stay extra hydrated (especially before heading out to the club).


The more sugar you consume, the more likely you are to experience signs of inflammation and breakouts. An overabundance of sugar can also be found in ‘healthy’ foods, so make sure to check all the facts before digging into any sweet and savory snack. If you’re up for trying a no-sugar diet, you’ll most likely see signs of improvement in other areas of your life as well (ex. more energy, heightened immunity, better sleep, etc.).


Make Solscense a part of your routine to discourage and reverse wrinkles. Solscense is guaranteed to reverse and repair signs of aging, especially when it comes to damage from the sun’s rays. Solscense should be used in addition to preventative care to produce the best results for your skin. The sooner you start caring for your skin, the longer your looks will last!

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