Homemade skin care: The story of Solscense

solscense homemade skin care

My wife and I are both very busy people and spending time together requires a lot of coordination. When we sat together to watch our favorite TV show, we found that it was replaced with a skin care infomercial, and as you can guess, we were pretty upset. But what upset me the most wasn’t the fact that we were missing our favorite show. I was upset at the outrageous claims that they were making in their skin care advertisement. Not even God himself could do what they said.

As a Medicinal Chemist by training with experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry for many years, I thought I would have a little read in to this area and find out the truth. It turns out that there are actually only a handful of active ingredients that the skin care industry uses in their products. What they do is take a few of these ingredients, mix them together, and this becomes the newest and greatest line of skin care. These skin care companies then heavily market the new product until people become tired of it and the cycle starts again with a re-blend of the same tired old ingredients.

Skin is the largest body organ, and many of our skin problems are highly preventable. As a scientist who cares deeply about humanity, I felt driven to make a contribution to skin care that was based in honesty, and a true scientific base; So I started to read.  I read the labels, I read the magazines, I read the safety data sheets on the ingredients and I read the scientific literature. From this I decided I could make a difference.


I set up a makeshift lab in our kitchen (my wife wasn’t happy) and started to work on a product that targeted the major cause of skin problems: Sun damage.  It doesn’t take a lot of unprotected sun exposure to make your skin unhappy. My desire was not to create a sun block, but something to work with your body and undo the negative effects that sun damage has on your skin.

I was humbled to find out that creating such a product was not so easy. A couple years had past and finally two great things had happened: My wife got her kitchen back, and I managed to create a skin product that undoes years of sun damage: Solscense.

I hope you like it.
– Dr. Jeffrey Whitten

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