How Do Beauty Standards Affect Us Now?

With time comes change, and it affects everything…

With the recent emphasis on women’s rights and embracing the idea of self-acceptance, some dramatic changes are being seen in the beauty industry. The way products are marketed, how content is displayed, and all while an anti-pollution stance has been strongly established. What does this mean for us self-proclaimed skin warriors?

Have beauty standards improved?

Some would argue that beauty standards have greatly improved through recent campaigns and marketing. But do these campaigns cause us to seek self-acceptance, or do they really just make becoming beautiful sounds more appealing? There are plenty of products that boast natural ingredients and implement fun designs. But some might argue that beauty standards are now higher than ever. There hasn’t been a noticeable decrease in numbers of products meant to make minor and temporary changes in our appearance for purely aesthetic reasons. These products may or may not do anything to improve your health.

Products that improve your appearance should make you feel as good as you look.

Solscense was designed to be a multi-faceted anti-aging serum, that not only improves your appearance, but reverses sun damage. Skin-damaging UV rays affect us all, every time we’re exposed to sunlight. Dr. Jeffrey Whitten found a solution when he discovered the helpful effects of PLE extract. We’d like to think that beauty is moving in the direction of science, rather than the direction of a catwalk.

Think about the products you use daily, and whether they improve your health or your beauty. Whether they boost your confidence, or your body’s natural ability to fight skin damage. Most products have active ingredients that work with your body to reach a common goal. Keep this in mind, the next time you walk down the makeup aisle browsing 1000’s of products. “Why do I need this? Why do I want this?” are questions you should always ask yourself anytime you visit the personal care department.

If we continue to change the way we perceive beauty, maybe we can change the way beauty is perceived!

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