The Mental and Emotional Impact of Skin Conditions

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Some of us are blessed with good skin, with a blemish-free complexion, tiny pores, and no skin conditions. But some are forced to deal with severe skin conditions through their adolescent years, or even their adult years. Some of us have hormonal imbalances that cause our skin to react, or take medications that affect our bodies and our skin. Do we truly consider the seriousness of the effects skin conditions can have on our psyche? Psychological and emotional stress are also considered a cause of some skin disorders, but skin disorders can have an effect on our mental or emotional state as well. Skin disorders are generally not deadly or fatal, but they can have a severe or negative impact on someone’s quality of life.

Some facts that were realized by the American Academy of Dermatology include:

• Major depression is one of the largest results of chronic skin disorders
• Suicidal thoughts are another result.
• Skin conditions can cause social withdrawal or anxiety, frustration, spontaneous anger, and a serious lack of confidence.
• 26% of people with psoriasis changed or discontinued their normal daily activities.
• Adults with acne are less likely to obtain jobs in the workforce.
• 2/5 children with skin disorders have some kind of psychosocial impairment.

Your personal body image accounts for 1/4-1/3 of your self esteem. Seeing this statistic may give us a new perspective on how many people are seriously affected by their disorders. People spend more money on their appearance than their own health and education combined. Unfortunately, people who have slight skin conditions may be more severely psychologically affected than someone who has a more serious skin condition. The psychological effects are often based on the individual’s perception. Sometimes once a skin disorder improves, the psychological scars still remain. Those who overthink or focus on worst-case scenarios are likely to be most impacted by their skin conditions. It’s like some kind of “negative self-hypnosis”. The prospect of loss in one’s life, along with this negative self-opinion, can be a dangerous combination for one’s self esteem. To make a significant improvement, it’s best to treat skin along with the mental and emotional anguish that comes with skin conditions for best results. To ignore the impact skin has on the psyche is an ill-advised choice. The more we focus on our personal health and happiness, the better we will look and feel!

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Facts derived from an article in Psychology Today.
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