Nature’s Miracle Anti Aging Ingredient: PL Extract

Maori women, native to the beautiful land of New Zealand, were known to chew on a certain fern to keep their skin healthy and youthful.

Western explorers were skeptic of the fern’s effect on skin, but the Maori women’s skin was so youthful, glowing, and radiant despite their harsh environment, that the Westerners decided to send samples of the fern back to Europe and America laboratories for analysis.

Western scientists had researched many samples of natural products from all over the world, but none of these samples had ever lived up to their reputation.


One of the Western explorers returned from New Zealand and brought his own sample home and showed scientists that this fern the Maori women chewed did have impressive properties and persuaded the laboratory that this fern was worth exploring.

To the scientist’s amazement, experiment after experiment showed the unique and powerful properties of this plant.  The plant was so impressive that they decided to take the big step of putting it into human clinical trials.


The human trials concluded and the results were impressive. Aging and inflammation of the skin was stopped and even reversed because this plant tackled the major cause of premature skin aging…too much sun!

This plant, Polypodium Leucotomos (PL) extract, tackles so many different aspects of sun and skin aging. Yes, antioxidant activity, but also many many more important aspects. It’s anti-redox, it’s anti-inflammatory and it protects the fundamentals of skin structure.

Now not just a myth but a proven and safe cream for your skin.

Scientific paper on PL extract