Using Pharmaceutical Science To Solve The #1 Skin Aging Challenge

Dr. Jeffrey Whitten is a Bio-Organic Medicinal Chemist who has worked in creating life saving advanced therapeutic cancer and allergy/asthma prescription drugs by designing them at the molecular level to work with the body’s own chemistry.

Using similar concepts to prescriptive drug design, ingredients from around the world were carefully chosen and then formulated into this topical application in order to create a comprehensive approach to halt further skin aging and to help rejuvenate existing skin.  The genesis for this science based strategy was to identify the causes of accelerated skin aging and carefully choose ingredients to address each of these signs of aging.  No one ingredient can undo the complex aging process of skin, so a compilation  of ingredients were identified, each ingredient fulfilling a specific functional role and working in combination with the other ingredients to give this science-based product the performance needed to deliver results we stand behind.  There are no idle ingredients; they all perform a vital functional role.