Beautiful things happen when a talented scientist decides to solve a puzzle

Oxford University trained Bio-Organic Chemist, Dr. Jeffrey Whitten, PhD, worked in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for many years spearheading drug design for prescription and over the counter pharmaceutical grade products for allergies, inflammatory diseases and DNA driven cancers.

After moving from England to Southern California, he noticed a significant difference in the skin quality of the women.  Women of the same age in Southern California looked older due to prolonged sun exposure.  Due to this, he decided to focus his chemistry talents on reversing photo damage, which he considers the #1 aging condition in the world.

After researching common skin ingredients, he realized most were out of date and not penetrating to viable regions in the skin. He then pioneered a comprehensive anti-aging formula that includes the first topical application of PLE, an ingredient long proven to safely prevent and reverse sun damage when taken orally. He also developed a unique, soothing fragrance with healing properties, another skincare industry first.

Solscense is proud to bring together innovative minds to look at skincare under a microscope, in a test tube and in a new light.