It’s Better to Be a Science Savvy Skincare Guru

The days of mindless purchasing and consumerism are coming to an end.

You can see the difference in our society, from what we choose to put in our bodies to what we put into the atmosphere. Our growing desire for simplification is finally beginning to yield results. The products on the shelves of our stores and in our shopping carts are bringing us back to the basics. More products are boasting ‘organic’ and ‘all-natural’, and becoming increasingly transparent to their customers.

Research your ingredients and your vitamins.

Research what you’re putting into your body. Research what you’re putting on your skin. Sometimes you have to look even deeper to find the truth about ingredients. There are many misconceptions about which ones are active or inactive, helpful or harmful. Solscense is one product that doesn’t emit harmful toxins, and we’re happy to see the trend continue. But it’s science savvy people like yourself that will see real results when applying this newfound knowledge to their every day lives; because hard work always produces the greatest rewards.

Your skin is your largest organ, which means it needs just as much care as any other organ in your body.

Listen to doctor-backed tips and advice, pay attention to scientific studies, read everything. The formulas you introduce to your body should be thoughtfully put together, and often require a great deal of chemistry. Due to Dr. Jeffrey Whitten’s experience with biological research, Solscense is one of the most effective anti-aging products on the market, with simple ingredients for improving your skin. The age of fancy wording and over-embellishing is finally coming to an end, and the truth is everywhere. Join us in becoming Skincare Gurus, as we soak up all the knowledge we can about skincare!

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