Skincare Advice from Everywhere!

Skincare Advice from Everywhere

It’s tough to nail down a skincare routine.

I bet you know this firsthand! Sun protection is just one important aspect of skincare, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of our favorite bits of advice from other skincare seekers like yourself, from all over the internets!

  • Avoid Fragrances, especially if you have sensitive, and redness or eczema-prone skin.
  • For problematic skin, remove makeup/SPF at night with a micellar water or oil cleanser, followed by a non-foaming, low PH cleanser.
  • Facial oils should follow active products in your skincare routine.
  • I would add a hydrating Essence or serum with hyaluronic acid to boost hydration levels.
  • Look for products with calming ingredients designed for easily irritated skin.
  • I switched from store bought water-based cleansers to all natural, organic oil based cleanser, and it improved my skin!
  • I use organic chia seed oil for moisture and organic graspers-based eye-firming oil.
  • I use a natural rose water toner. I always put toner on directly after I moisturize and before SPF, for best results.
  • I use brands like Simple, that have gentle, yet active cleansers. I love the micellar water cleanser and the face wipes for midday cleansing.
  • Don’t experiment with too many anti-aging products at a young age. It’s better to focus on prevention, rather than correction!
  • Always apply thickest to thinnest. (Ex. Cleanser > Moisturizer > Toner > Light SPF)
  • Use sunscreen/SPF every day! NO EXCEPTIONS! 🙂
  • Use a good face mask 3x/week, and don’t skip!
  • Gentle, non-chemical products are always better. But exfoliating or charcoal strips or masks feel great for my skin!
  • In case you need some suggestions for facial sunscreens, try these brands: Coola mineral sunscreen, EltaMD Face & Body, Shisheido Ultimate Sun Protection, CerVe am Moisturizer, Supergoop Foam Sunscreen.
  • For men or women that want a simple skincare routine that doesn’t consist of 100000 products, try cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, and maybe an oil or micellar water cleanser. That’s just 4 steps!

Have some skincare advice of your own? Comment and share your experiences with us, or share with everyone on social media @solscense!

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