Skincare Trends in 2017

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New trends appear every so often that revolutionize the way we live. This year, it’s clear that some new trends have taken over the world of skincare, and some products are becoming obsolete as new ones trickle in. Solscense is just one revolutionary product to hit the market rather recently, but here are some other general trends to follow that are also backed by science!

1. Great skin starts in your gut

“In 2017, probiotics will continue to be at the forefront of the beauty industry,” says NYC-based dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD. “I’m a huge advocate of probiotics and have conducted my own research in this area over the last few years, which has given me the opportunity to see their remarkable results firsthand. I even have a book coming out that will be highlighting the benefits of probiotics (both topical and ingestible) when it comes to skin.”

“Research has shown that the bacteria in your gut interacts with your immune system, which leads to changes in your skin. Harmful bacteria in your gut can lead to inflammation—like redness, acne, and rosacea. I always tell my patients to incorporate foods and drinks that are rich in probiotics, like yogurt, miso soup, sauerkraut, and kombucha. I also recommend taking a supplement. Using a topical probiotic is beneficial, as it offers a protective shield and triggers the production of natural moisturizers in the skin.”

2. Our Cleansing Habits Need an Overhaul

“I also think the way we clean our skin will change a lot this next year,” notes Rachel Nazarian, MD, an NYC-based dermatologist. “New research has shown that the pH of our skin is incredibly delicate, and harsh cleansers strip natural hydrators and barriers of the skin, flaring inflammatory conditions like acne, eczema, and rosacea. The trend seems to be to clean smarter, not clean harsher. [Gentler products] will take center stage again. Harsh scrubs and beaded cleansers are going to take a backseat. Facial cleansing tools like Foreo are going to be softer and more gentle, and aggressive makeup-removing techniques are going to decline. All those crazy find-it-in-your-kitchen cleaning techniques on Pinterest? They’ll be replaced by more intelligent cleaning options that are pH balanced and less likely to disrupt the natural normal healthy flora we need on our skin.”

3. At-home skincare devices start to rival in-office treatments

As technology and the beauty industry continue to intertwine, expect to see increasingly effective skincare devices hit the market. “I’ve seen a huge surge in new tools and devices for at-home use in skincare,” says Nazarian. “Companies are finding ways to put the power in the hands of the patient, allowing them to access laser and light technology at home with handheld devices. There are acne-treating lights from companies like Tria, ultrasound technology, and of course, we’ve seen a major increase in hair removal lasers that can be used for at-home use in recent years. I think the trend will certainly continue in 2017, but start expanding for the treatment of many other conditions.”


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