How smoking causes wrinkles

smoking cause wrinkles

It’s hard enough to see the wrinkles suddenly appearing in places you don’t care for it to be. It’s even more difficult to imagine looking like you’re 70 when you’re still in your 40s. Guess what? It does happen. And it’s even more common for people who smoke.

It is believed that smoking reduces the body’s inability to produce collagen at a normal rate, causing wrinkles. In fact, studies have shown that smoking causes more wrinkles to appear at a faster rate than sun exposure.

Studies have shown that nicotine withdrawal during sleep hours can cause restlessness and inability to sleep through the night. For this reason, many smokers often look more tired, which can also result in dark circles around the eyes.

Thinning hair is also very common with smokers. Experts believe that this may be due to the toxins causing damage to the hair follicles.

Ever notice the glow that young and beautiful people have? Now take a look at young people in the same age group who smoke. Notice a difference?

Carbon monoxide from smoke are believed to be responsible for dehydrating your skin and destroying the vitamin C that protects your skin. Without vitamin C, your skin is vulnerable to the touch of pollutants and bacteria, leaving it dry, acne prone, and aging.

It starts with how you take care of yourself from the inside. Quitting your smoking habit can be very helpful, not just to look young for as long as possible, but to feel young.

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